The FFOU President he/she is the political head of the Federation elected by secret ballot at the General Assembly by the Delegates, he has a clean record, experience in  fisheries sector and   a qualification of Masters Degree in Institutional Management and Leadership and Diploma in Fisheries  his term of office is five years to perform the following functions below;

  • He/she convenes, chair General Assembly and shall be the Chief spokesperson of the Federation at the Assembly and meetings of all relevant Organs and conduct all correspondences of the Federations.
  • He/she is the overall supervisor and he/she ensure the efficient functioning of FFOU Board of Directors and Secretariat meetings and Committees by ensuring that the agendas are circulated in advance of meetings and that venue are booked in good time.
  • He/she ensures that the Federation operates according to its policies and Constitution and shall protect the interest of the Federation.
  • He/she has powers when necessary to convene a meeting of the Secretariat to consider the matter at hand in accordance with the provision of the Constitution should prima-facie case be established, this apply where the CEO unreasonably fails or refuses to convene such a meeting according to the Constitutional provisions.
  • He/she is responsible for the proper conduct of business on all occasions and shall sign the minutes together with the CEO at the time they are approved and in conjunction with the Programs Coordinator/CEO, the National Treasurer or any other officer authorized by the Board of Directors sign cheques and other financial documents.
  • The FFOU President monitor the effective running of the Board, Committees, and Secretariat and make recommendations for improvement to the General Assembly.
  • The FFOU President attend all negotiations with outside bodies or affiliates.
  • Responsible for issuing statements on behalf of the Federation.
  • FFOU President is entitled for re-election during General Assembly.