Board of Directors consisting of the following people with integrity, experienced in fisheries sector, trade, research, environment, water and sanitation with a minimum qualification of a Degree or its equivalent serve for three years term of office renewable.

  • Department of Fisheries Resources) (1) representative.
  • Ministry of Trade (1) representative.
  • Fisheries Research Institute (1) representative.
  • Food and Agriculture Organization-Uganda (1) Advisor.
  • Specialist in Aquaculture and Aquaponics (2) representatives.
  • Specialist in Environmental Management (1) representative.
  • Specialist in Water and sanitation (1) representative.
  • National Program Coordinator she/he is the Secretary to the Board
  • FFOU President is ex-official to the Board.

Appointed by the Elder’s Council of the Federation of Fisheries Organizations Uganda to perform the following functions below;

Functions of the Board

  • Provide direction for the organization has a strategic function in providing the vision, mission and goals of the organization.
  • Settle disputes among fisheries organizations/members and regulate the relationship if needs arise.
  • Establish a policy based governance system and shall be the responsibility of the Board to develop series of policies.
  • protect the federation’s assets and member’s investment, this includes member’s plant, equipment and facilities, including the human capital The Board of Directors Appoint or hire the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), to run the federation’s day to day operations and defined his/her roles and responsibilities within the Federation.
  • To assess the overall direction and strategy of the Federation and put guidelines to be followed by FFOU Secretariat to avoid conflicts, no member of the board of director be involved in the day-to-day operation of the federation.
  • Establish a policy based governance system by developing a series of policies the policies should be broad and not rigidly defined as to allow FFOU Secretariat leeway in achieving the goals of the Federation.
  • The Board of Directors’ meetings seating quarterly (three times per year) in the interim between these meetings, the board kept informed through phone, postal Address and mail.
  • Monitor and control function, the board is in charge of the auditing process and hires the auditors. It is in charge of making sure the audit is done in a timely manner each year.

Disciplinary Code of Practice

Board of Directors  establish ethical code of practice for purposes of instilling discipline in the FFOU officials and affiliates provided that such a code is ensure that all officials, officers, staff and affiliates are not unfairly disciplined.

All affiliates and officials of the Federation have a duty to follow the Constitution of the Federation together with other regulations and guidelines.


The Board of Directors formulates and the General Assembly approve the standing orders for the conduct of the leaders and affiliates of the Federation during their participation in Federation activities.

The Federation’s special rules and standing orders is formulated by the Board and be circulated to all affiliates and FFOU officials’ structures.


The Federation have a flag which was design approved by the Board.

The Federation also have badges, T-shirts, caps and similar items available to affiliates at subsided prices obtainable form the National Secretariat, FFOU Regional and District offices to promote solidarity.

Official Journals

The FFOU official journal News published by the Secretariat at least twice a year and any other such periodical publications approved by the Board.